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Caring Heals the World

-- Heather He

Caring is the call of the heart

Caring is the heart's dedication

It's a jewel of a heart

that can warm another heart

Caring is sunshine

All over the world

Caring is rain and dew

It moistens the heart of longing

Caring changes the world

Wasteland to oasis

Caring heals the world

It will be better tomorrow

Caring heals the world

It must be better tomorrow

Caring Heals the World——Heather HeHeather He
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About The Care Bank

The Care Bank was founded in 2010 by Heather He. It advocates mutual help among neighbours, the building of safe communities, helping vulnerable groups and single-parent families, advocating positive energy, and using life to affect life. The Alliance aims to prepare a CARE BANK and encourages citizens to deposit their values into it. The deposited values can be withdrawn, transferred, and inherited after a regular period of five years. Heather He has maintained communication with the three levels of government regarding the CARE BANK and has received full affirmation and support from the former mayor of Toronto. The CARE BANK will effectively improve the entire social service system, allowing people who love, to accumulate and inherit feedback, and those who receive love to be blessed to return it.

Over the past 13 years, Heather He, has led all the volunteers of the Care Bank in helping those in need. She has assisted many disadvantaged groups and single-parent families, particularly caring mothers who provide valuable assistance to the parents of international students. Assisting the guardians of children in taking care of international students is a double insurance policy for these students. The Care Bank has earned the full recognition and support of the former mayor. The CARE BANK will effectively improve the social service system and help all caring individuals receive some assistance and provide for the elderly. The accumulation and inheritance of care is a societal point that many people fail to recognize. Heather He has a unique vision to identify this point and has found an excellent solution, taking action many years ago. Heather He possesses the vision and execution necessary for leadership. Currently, the Care Bank is recruiting volunteers and promoting Care ambassadors in the Greater Toronto area, which will undoubtedly foster the long-term development of the Alliance.


When you decide to take action to serve others and have been approved by the Care Bank headquarters, congratulations!

You opened an account with our Care bank!


Heather He would like to thank all the depositors of the Care Bank for their dedication to the community over the years. We sincerely invite more caring people and volunteers to join the Care Bank and become depositors of Care Bank. Let's work together to help more people in need!

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