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 Caring and Gratitude

Sixty sayings of happiness to remember

1. Happiness depends on ourselves——Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) Happiness is in the heart. Be grateful for everything, and there will be a warm current of happiness

2. The key to a lifetime of happiness is to be happy at the moment. Always maintain a positive attitude. Everything that happens has a positive meaning

3. The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings can change their lives by changing their mentality——William James (1842-1910) changed his mind in an instant

4. All wishes come true! So if you think well, you will get well!

5. Kind words can harmonize interpersonal relationships, always listen to what is good and say what is good

6. Most people will like those who like themselves. Expressing goodwill to others will win more goodwill.

7. Emphasis on intimacy. People who have a happy intimate relationship have a higher sense of self-worth, stronger self-identity and better control

8. Reward-Cost=Result Social exchange theory applies to every relationship, we need to present positive value in any relationship

9. The development of a relationship stems from the awareness and acceptance of each other. After the romantic period, the power struggle period, the integration period, the commitment period and the co-creation period, all aspects of life can be shared

10. People are connected because of similarities and grow because of differences. Differences are here to enrich us

11. Communication is not about fighting for right or wrong, empathy, use love and touch to find an improvement goal for each other

12. Life itself is perfect, not given by others

13. Love is light, it can illuminate the darkness, and it can no longer be confused

14. Admit that I was wrong, save others and save myself

15. Only a life with commitment has weight

16. Take love on the road and accomplish common goals together

17. Everyone is in a deep relationship. Family, friends, colleagues, partners, beliefs, learning to practice in relationships

18. Paying in the relationship is to ease the pain in the heart and let the light shine in

19. Learn to fall in love with yourself before you have the capital to fall in love with others

20. To live in high frequency is to live in gratitude and love

21. Believe in Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father loves all beings. Even if the person we love the most leaves, Heavenly Father will always care for us. We have a destination in our hearts and we will never be alone.

22. Believe completely, be completely joyful, be completely grateful, Heavenly Father is above, have a safe journey

23. Cherish to have, be grateful to last forever, believe it!

24. Everything that happens in life is the grace of the Father, whether it is a test or a surprise

25. The most amazing two words are thank you and the most amazing three words are I love you

26. Be an exporter of energy, not a taker of energy

27. All good things come from inner feelings

28. Just because I am in this mountain, it is wonderful to praise this mountain

29. If you invest in a common dream, your eyes will look in the same direction

30. Long live understanding, no matter how you choose to understand, what exists is reasonable

31. If the coordinates of life take gratitude as the vertical axis and love as the horizontal axis, sit at the centre of yourself and not be influenced by emotions, happiness will fill your life

32. Life is impermanent, we still have love and touch

33. Miracles are everywhere, train yourself to discover miracles

34. Growth creates miracles, growth discovers miracles, growth is full of light of hope

35. It is not important to be right or wrong, but happiness is important. Is it right to be happy?

36. Imagine that everyone says: I am wrong and I am willing to change what the world will look like?

37. Be result-oriented, be filled with gratitude for the good results, and enjoy the joy of achieving the goal. When the goal is achieved, it is as if God has helped you. Heavenly Father is really helping you

38. Responsibility is the source of creativity in relationships

39. Thoughts become material because you believe in action and persistence

40. Believe that everything that happens is a gift from God, life is only homework without ups and downs

41. Happiness is very simple, believe that you have the ability to be happy, it has nothing to do with others

42. Allowing everyone to be themselves is the absolute freedom of every life. There must be a lot less entanglement and helplessness in life, and a lot more admiration and awe

43. Recognizing the necessity of self-growth is the beginning of rewriting destiny.

44. Who am I? Where do I come from? Where are you going? I didn't become me by chance and neither did you

45. Our emotions can affect our DNA, and our DNA can affect others. Only by controlling our emotions can we control the future, and only by transforming our emotions can our lives turn around beautifully

46. Acknowledge that everyone is the seed of a miracle and the miracle itself. Miracles make miracles

47. From "observer" to "participant" is a new understanding of self. We are not just passing through, we are participants in all the creative activities of the universe. Participation is especially important in relationships

48. Uncover the "implicit" and "explicit" of Satir's iceberg theory. We will see the desire, expectation, and feeling in every life, and at the same time see the real self

49. People are related to each other, just like the sea is a flowing and undivided whole

50. Once certain objects have been one, they will always be connected whether they remain one or not. A change here brings a change there

51. Blake said: Everything you have, although it seems to appear on the outside, is actually inside you. In your imagination, this ever-changing universe is just a glimpse... We must focus on what we want In the picture created, push the virtual to the real If you want to be happy, you must first feel the appearance of happiness

52. The focus of thinking creates reality. Even if you are not happy, you must cross the boundary between happiness and misfortune, and you must be happy

53. In the Copenhagen theory, among many possibilities, the focus of our consciousness determines one of them. Focus on wealth to have wealth, focus on happiness to have happiness

54. Why does praying to the Father create miracles? Because we are in a pure time and space when we pray, the miracles of the mind can become reality. pray

55. Believe in your choice and treat it as your whole world

56. Time is too slow for those who wait, too fast for those who fear, too long for those who mourn, too short for those who are happy, and it does not exist for those who love. Existence - Henry van Dyck used this little poem to remind us of the absurd relationship between human beings and time. Let's fall in love All the times are so beautiful!

57. "We are the mirror, and we are also the face in the mirror." If you feel pain, take painkillers!

58. Too many adventures in life will become turning points in life, go out, happiness is just around the corner

59. But don’t hate and love, understand clearly, there is a slight difference, the sky and the earth are separated——Master Sengcan, the third patriarch of Chan Buddhism in the sixth century AD
60 Love to the extreme is a miracle.

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