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If you want to use a reputable charitable organization channel that has been in operation for 13 years to promote your company and products in a community of caring people, Care Bank could be your best choice. Care Bank can help you:


Expand business in a community of caring people;

Promote business through various large-scale activities and various communication platforms;

Rely on Care Bank's good reputation and diversified membership base in the community of caring people to enhance brand awareness;

Products which directly face the customer base of caring people;

An Opportunity to become an industry leader.


You can participate in a variety of ways:


1. Become a Caring Community Sponsor: Support the work that Care Bank caring people do for the community through our many activities and programs


2. Advertising: Care Bank provides many digital and print communication platforms to display your product information and brand to our audience.


3. Purchase a booth: Interact with a community of caring people at our events

Become a partner to provide benefits to our members and receive rewards


By partnering with Care Bank, you not only get your brand in front of a community of caring people, but you can also reach a broader, diverse immigrant community through Care Bank’s media coverage on multiple platforms.


If you are interested, please contact Care Bank Operations Director Sasha Xiao +1 (647) 898-3826

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