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Meet Our Next Mayor

Heather He

Chairwoman of the Canada Care Alliance
Director of Hua Fengyun Art Seniors Group
Founder of Canada Maple Leaf Forum
Broker of Record of Re/Max Realtron AWCT Realty Brokerage

Heather He, born in Hunan, China, has always been concerned about the world and dared to lead the way. During her student days, she was the president of the student union at a key school, and later was involved in teaching high school, running a private school, and engaging in business. Heather He fell deeply in love with the charming city of Toronto when she first arrived here 20 years ago, and has since dedicated herself to the city by running for mayor.

Since arriving in Toronto, she has served as a director of the Toronto Hunan Association and the Toronto Hunan Chamber of Commerce. She has worked in the real estate industry for many years, becoming familiar with various communities from downtown to North York, from Scarborough to Etobicoke. Heather He has explored the city from east to west, north to south, understanding the diverse cultures and needs of the people. She discovered that many elderly people in Toronto are very lonely, some people do not receive the rewards they deserve, many primary and secondary school students go to school hungry, and some can only eat leftover food for lunch. Many young people struggle to find suitable jobs, and many families cannot find affordable housing. Traffic congestion, slow road maintenance, and widespread homelessness are all issues that Heather He is deeply concerned about. Over the years, she has made selfless contributions to the Toronto community without seeking fame or fortune, striving for a better city.

In 2010, Heather He registered the Canadian Care Alliance, advocating for neighbourly assistance, building safe communities, helping vulnerable groups and single-parent families, and promoting positive energy to impact lives. She prepared for the establishment of a Care bank, calling on citizens to deposit their volunteer efforts into the bank, tokens for which can be withdrawn, transferred, or passed down after a fixed period .Heather He has maintained communication with all levels of government and received affirmation and support from a former Toronto Mayor. The Care bank will effectively improve the social service system, allowing those who give care to receive it in return.

Heather He is one of the founders of the Huafeng Yun Art Group and serves as its Director Over the past seven years, the art Group has performed over 200 shows for the community, including in nursing homes, at birthday parties for the elderly, and by means of various health lectures, visits to art galleries, outings, and flower-viewing activities. During the pandemic, Heather He purchased a long-duration, large-capacity Zoom service, and under her leadership, members held online concerts and practiced new songs and dances, greatly improving the mental and physical health of the elderly and relieving pandemic-related stress and anxiety, as well as cultivating young hosts for the art Group and adding vitality to the group. Heather He also organized donations of masks and hand sanitizer to nursing homes and disabled individuals. Caring for the elderly and nurturing the next generation is Heather He's spirit of giving back to the community as an entrepreneur.

Heather He founded the Canadian Maple Leaf Forum, where various sub-forums and clubs support and collaborate with each other, achieving true cross-domain integration and win-win outcomes. The offline forum provides a platform for entrepreneurs to cooperate and develop, allowing Canadian brands to enter the community, expand beyond Canada, and reach the world, with Heather He playing a central role. She is particularly skilled at team operations, reaching consensus with people of different opinions, and promoting joint development.

Heather He joined the world's number one real estate brand, Re/Max, and founded Re/Max Realtron AWCT Realty,Brokerage.She created a unique negotiation system, customer service system, and a cross-company, cross-ethnic brokerage collaboration system for the company, promoting cooperation and shattering selfishness with iron discipline. This greatly promoted the healthy development of the real estate market. Working alongside her team, Heather has been dedicated to serving clients and striving for their best interests for many years, tirelessly giving her all. Even when running for Mayor,her excellent partner can hold their own in real estate services.

Heather He aspires to serve the people wholeheartedly like former Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion and become a beloved mayor of Toronto. If elected, Heather He will communicate with the federal and provincial governments to secure more funding, effectively improving and managing government work in areas such as schools, public safety, water services, building regulations, property taxes, parks and recreational facilities, transportation, firefighting, libraries, garbage collection, and street cleaning. She aims to increase revenue and reduce expenses, cutting government spending and waste, adding tourist attractions, and enhancing communication and cooperation with major cities worldwide. Heather He will improve road maintenance and public safety and provide housing for the homeless. Believing that children are the hope and future of a city, Heather He plans to offer free nutritious lunches to all primary and secondary students in Toronto, reducing the burden on parents and ensuring healthier children. Heather He is willing to consider the policies of all candidates, inviting economists, former mayors, and social celebrities to form a think tank, and working together with councillors to serve Toronto, the city we call home. Taking into account the cultural differences of various ethnic groups, she will effectively balance the interests of all parties and strive for greater fairness and justice in every community.

In this early summer season, we ushered in a great opportunity for the city of Toronto to re-elect the mayor and change the old look of Toronto. The old model of managing cities is out of date with the development of the times. People should keep pace with the times, follow the trend of the times, be innovative in elections, think about development, think about the future, have management experience, have management ideas, have more management capabilities, and An excellent person who is close to the people, approachable, thinks what the people think, and thinks what the people think, will be the mayor of Toronto. To this end, our voters in Toronto can choose Ms. Heather He, the chairman of the Canadian Love Alliance, the chairman of the Toronto Huafengyun Art Troupe, the founder of the Toronto Maple Leaf Forum, and the president of Hyde Real Estate: Ms. He Xiangyun as the next mayor. She is a person who understands management, is good at communication, is caring, has the qualities of truth, kindness and beauty, has a pattern of caring for the common people, and has a good style of being approachable and understanding people's sentiments. Since immigrating to Toronto more than 20 years ago, she has been working, studying, growing, and developing like the common people at the grassroots level, so she knows the people's conditions, difficulties and needs of the common people best, because she has personally experienced these difficulties and needs , Experienced, such as the problem of children going to school, the problem of the elderly at home, the problem of community safety, the burden of land tax, etc... . She is well aware of a series of problems, and she has one thing in her heart. For this reason, she successively founded the Canadian Love Alliance, advocating mutual assistance among neighbors and helping those in need. Founded Toronto Maple Leaf Forum to provide comprehensive guidance and brand promotion platform for new and old immigrants from life, work, study and entrepreneurship. The establishment of the Toronto Huafengyun Art Troupe aims to improve the material life of middle-aged and elderly people, but also to improve their spiritual life. Founded Hyde Real Estate Company under Re/Max, the world's No. 1 real estate brand, and helped her clients buy a house and earn a house! Make the impossible possible! Others can't do it, she can do it! She can always exceed people's expectations and give people extra surprises! For this reason, in the election platform of the mayoral candidate of Toronto, she highlighted the election outline of solving difficulties for the common people and benefiting the people: promoting the love bank, providing day care services for the elderly, free of charge for the elderly during non-peak hours Take the bus to speed up the housing application process for the elderly; promote the city with science and technology and boost the education industry; some elementary and middle school students provide free lunches. Increase government efforts to improve road maintenance and Urban cleaning efficiency, strengthening public security, implementing a two-tier security system; resettling the homeless; simplifying landlord-tenant disputes and litigation; first-time home buyer credit concessions: freezing land taxes; improving transportation, building subways; expanding underground parking lots; setting up special enterprises Home City Contribution Award. If these policy outlines can be implemented, it will greatly benefit the people, improve the traffic and public security in Toronto, and increase the happiness index of the people in Toronto. This is what the general public thinks and wants! Vote for Heather He for the benefits and happiness we want! Vote for #52 Heather He! Exceed your expectations!

Dare to stand up and speak out your political ideals and propositions is the greatest success of the new generation! | Ladies Interview: Toronto Mayoral Candidate Heather He


According to data released by the Canadian federal government, as of 2021, there will be 1.71 million Chinese in Canada, and Toronto is the city with the largest number of Chinese, with nearly 680,000, accounting for 11.1%. It can be said that Toronto has become the city of choice for most Chinese immigrants. In such a city where the Chinese have a population advantage, the influence of the Chinese should have been significant. However, we are deeply influenced by the oriental civilization of "keeping a low profile" and "being low-key". Although many ethnic Chinese are excellent in business and teaching, they seldom go into politics. According to the "Canadian Chinese Yearbook (Canadian Chinese Yearbook Publishing House, 2009 Edition)" edited by Wen Shida, it can be seen that the enthusiasm of Chinese for politics has not been stagnant in the past years. Whether it is municipal or federal, there are The Chinese who manage authority are almost all single digits. When you are new to a country, there are more people who "live a good life" and "keep their ears off the window". However, in Western political systems, "speaking out", "speaking out", "struggling for rights"...these are very important ways to safeguard the interests of oneself and the ethnic group. Therefore, in the past 10 years, we are gratified to see that Chinese have made great progress in "expressing their opinions" and "daring to speak their minds". More and more people with political ambitions have come forward! They went to the mainstream media and spoke out to the public! The guest of this interview, Heather He, is one of them. She has lofty political ambitions, a clear policy agenda, and a historical responsibility of "supporting the common people of the world". And such a woman standing on the stage of this year's mayoral election in Toronto is actually a first-generation immigrant from China! She has already transcended language and cultural differences. She has mastered the workplace, worked hard to run a business, and devoted herself to community service for many years. Her experience is very inspiring. Welcome everyone to read her story.


01. "I am here to change the world!" Heather He Xiangyun was born in a multi-child family in Hunan, China. Due to special historical circumstances, the father looked at the eight children who were waiting to be fed, and did not yearn for her who had not yet met in the womb. The mother later told her: When she was making a difficult choice, she heard a voice saying: "Stay here." She, she will change the world!" Mother's words, like a fairy's magic wand, ignited and illuminated Heather's life! She has been very responsible and responsible since she was a child, and has always strived for excellence, looking forward to bringing magical changes to the world. She used to be the chairman of the student union of a key middle school. While studying in Hunan Normal University, she showed extraordinary leadership and made many attempts to improve the surrounding community environment. After graduation, with the dream of "rejuvenating the country through education", he has been engaged in education work for many years. More than 20 years ago, Heather came to Toronto by chance, and Heather liked this beautiful city very much. After settling down, I made a lot of attempts in the Chinese community: Serve as directors of the Toronto Hunan Association and the Toronto Hunan Chamber of Commerce, and actively promote the improvement and promotion of the Chinese business environment; Actively participated in the establishment of Huafengyun Art Troupe and served as the chairman. In the past seven years, the art troupe has performed more than 200 performances for the community, including nursing homes, birthday parties for the elderly, various health lectures, visits to art galleries, outings, flower viewing and other activities. She also performed abroad. During the epidemic, online art troupes, cloud fitness, and cloud lectures have guided many people to live a positive life; Founded the Canadian Maple Leaf Forum, actively promoted cross-border integration, compatibility and win-win, and provided a platform for entrepreneurs to cooperate and develop. At the same time, Heather knows that in order to build a more harmonious and beautiful environment, support must be obtained on a larger level. Therefore, taking advantage of her real estate work, she went to various community centers in Toronto to investigate the situation on the front line, think about many measures to improve people's livelihood, actively go to the district government and city government to make suggestions, and participate in municipal decision-making. During the interview, I asked her, "As a first-generation immigrant, how do you think that after landing in a strange country, you will take the initiative to pay attention to people's livelihood projects, and dare to go to all levels of government to express your demands?" She said, "I will When I come to Toronto, I will suggest Toronto as my home. If there are areas that need to be improved at home, it is natural to actively contribute ideas. Moreover, I firmly believe in my mother’s words: I am here to change the world! I am in Toronto, so I naturally want to Start by changing Toronto!"


02. "I, want to make Toronto more human" As the largest city in Canada, Toronto has a very beautiful cultural and political environment. No wonder Heather said that as soon as she set foot on this land, she was deeply attracted by it. She said that she only rests for 5-6 hours a day, and she is basically in a non-stop state throughout the year, but she is still full of energy because "there are too many things to do"! Many things that Heather thinks are related to the lives of ordinary people. daily. 1. Promote the project of free lunch for children: Heathe hopes that children in the basic education stage can eat hot meals, and every child can eat nutritious and healthy food. She believes that this is what politicians should do. Let Canadian children, like children in many countries in the world, have delicious lunches and nutritious lunches at school. 2. Promote the establishment of a love alliance project for small international students: Heather has recruited caring mothers through the Canadian Love Alliance she founded for many years, and established a project to help small international students find caring mothers and caring families suitable for Stay home. She hopes to use it on a larger level The integration of resources will serve more small international students, so that they can really learn knowledge in the new country, so that their parents can feel more at ease. 3. Promote the construction of rental housing and service systems for international students: Heather expects to plan the space of Toronto more effectively, allowing more space for international students to build apartments and supporting services for international students, attracting more international students to Toronto, ZTE Toronto of education. 4. Pay attention to the demands of the elderly group: establish a day care center for the elderly, free rides for the elderly during non-peak hours, and shorten the application time for housing for the elderly. 5. Improve Toronto's road traffic and security, and improve the efficiency of the entire city: As a relatively fast-growing North American city, Toronto has begun to suffer from "big city diseases": traffic congestion, poor security in some areas...Heather He thought There have been many years of "planning" for this. She said, "I have detailed plans to improve road traffic and improve police efficiency, and I will gradually implement them." 6. Build more underground parking lots: Leave the ground space to build apartments for the elderly and house the homeless, etc. 7. Promote the construction of credit preferential mechanism: Heather believes that it is not scientific to simply define whether a person can buy a house by "whether they are a Canadian resident or not". She believes that the contribution value should be used as the basic consideration factor, for this reason, an extensive credit mechanism must be established. As long as a reliable credit mechanism is established, not only can the problem of buying a house be solved, but it can also affect investment attraction in the long run. When it comes to the construction of Toronto, Heather He is very familiar and talks with eloquence. In just one and a half hours of interviews, we couldn't absorb it all. However, Heather He, who has a background of teachers and entrepreneurs, pays great attention to "people-oriented" and extensive "integration of resources". This underlying logic is the starting point of her political ideals. She said, "The city itself should be laid out and built with people's activities at the center. The mayor is a volunteer and an umbrella to protect citizens from wind and rain."


03. "I want to be a pioneer who awakens a generation to participate in politics and build a beautiful homeland" As a first-generation immigrant, I always have a sense of "being in a foreign land", but Heather can bravely and freely stand in the center of the stage, raise her arms and say loudly, "Choose me, you can change Toronto! "This makes me very admirable and inspired. I asked her, "Many people immigrate to Canada because of its peace and tranquility. They just want to have a good life for the rest of their lives. Why do you work so hard?" She said, "As the immigrant generation, we can indeed live a more comfortable and comfortable life through hard work. However, our children and grandchildren will most likely take root in this land, and they will face a more diverse and complex social situation in the future. I, coming from the community, understanding the community, and serving the community, I think it's time to stand up! I hope that through my efforts, I can awaken more Chinese, bravely step to the front, and actively build our city. For the good of our children and grandchildren." Indeed, the political situation is changing and cannot be shaken by one's own strength. However, Canada is a country of immigrants. If countless individuals and generations are engulfed forward, we will eventually form an unstoppable torrent. Whether it is the women's business or I personally have always been politically neutral, but we are still touched by Heather He's passion and mission, and we sincerely hope that more women can stand up bravely like her and express their own. Ambition and position! I also wish Heather He can achieve what she wants, and wish Toronto can choose the next leader that is most conducive to future development!


The real dark horse—Toronto mayor candidate Heather He (He Xiangyun) came to Toronto Mother's Day event ​  


On May 14th, today we ushered in the most warm festival for human beings - Mother's Day. Co-organized by the Toronto Huafeng Yun Art Troupe, the North American Pan Pacific Cultural and Economic Association, the Canadian Love Alliance, and the mayoral campaign team of Toronto mayoral candidate Heather He He Xiangyun. Homes in Toronto: clearer water, bluer sky, cleaner city, safer environment, more peace of mind when going out and at home, more convenient transportation, free transportation for the elderly, and free lunch for students. Happy opening of the Park Community Recreation Centre. In order to better reflect the culture and art of Toronto's homeland, show the spirit of Toronto city, and look forward to a better Toronto, Laura wu, an old artist of our performance and head of Huafengyun Art Troupe, is personally responsible for celebrating Mother's Day and promoting literature and art. The chief director and chief conductor of the show. The lineup of this activity is neat, the male announcer is Jason Wang, the president of the North American Pan Pacific Culture and Trade Association, and the female host is the beautiful woman Sasha. The performance kicked off slowly with the sound of "Canadian National Anthem" being sung by everyone. Among them, the male solo sang two songs by Jason Wang: "Nomadic Time" and the English love song "The Last Waltz", which received bursts of applause. The pas de deux Peng Yalin and Hu Wei's "Visiting the New City" seems to lead people into Toronto's better metropolis tomorrow. Although they are older, they are old and strong. They dare to compete with young dancers. They are our middle-aged and elderly friends. A role model and role model for learning, and has won unanimous praise from the audience. The big fan dance "One Hundred Thousand Miles of Spring Breeze" is the reserved song of Huafengyun Art Troupe. Their innovative style and expertise, their thinking, their innovation, and their actions are like spring fans all over the land of Toronto, presenting a special gift as warm as spring for Mother's Day. Veteran artist Mr. Lao Jin specially played an accordion solo piece for mayor candidate Heather He (He Xiangyun), which made everyone smile, especially the female solo song "Happy Hometown" by Toronto mayor candidate Heather He He Xiangyun won the prize. The enthusiastic cheers from the audience made us feel that the mayoral candidate deeply loves the land under his feet! Quietness, peace, and happiness are what we feel around our mother. From now on, under the leadership of Mayor He, happiness will be our forever home! Happy Mother's Day melody, beautiful dance, joyful singing, cheerful smile, mayoral candidate Heather He He Xiangyun's impassioned speech brought a different holiday gift to mothers on Mother's Day: make Toronto a better tomorrow! Heather He He Xiangyun's election platform is: to promote the Bank of Love; provide day care services for the elderly, free rides for the elderly during off-peak hours, and speed up the housing application process for the elderly; boost the education industry, provide free lunches for primary and secondary school students; Government work improves road maintenance and urban cleaning efficiency; strengthens public security, implements a two-tier security system; resettles the homeless; simplifies landlord-tenant disputes and litigation; Ad hoc Entrepreneur City Contribution Award. Heather He explained in detail why she is in charge of Toronto, so that students can have free lunches, free rides for the elderly, and community safety can be doubled without increasing land taxes. Finally, Heather He, the mayoral candidate of Toronto, sincerely thanks all the supporters who came here today and followed her campaign; thanked all the volunteers; thanked the group leader and all the performers; thanked NPAC Mr. Great hosting by Sasha. The event took only two days to prepare, and hundreds of people attended! Beat the gongs and drums to support Heather He running for mayor of Toronto! The momentum is like a rainbow! Heather He, No.1! He Xiangyun must win! Resound through the sky! Heather He vows, heaven and earth testify: I, Heather He He Xiangyun, will devote the rest of my life to gather all forces and lead everyone to make Toronto a better place! Better Toronto! Trust me and support me! When someone asked why her campaign website is, Heather He replied: Love changes the world! ​ (Mary)


[Editor's note] The Toronto City Council officially announced a mayoral by-election in early April.


The nomination of candidates for the mayor of Toronto has officially started, marking the official launch of the campaign for the next mayor of Toronto. Chinese He Xiangyun has registered as a candidate for the mayor of Toronto. Nominations for Toronto mayoral election close on May 12, early voting will run from June 8 to 13, and elections are scheduled for June 26

Here are the reader contributions: ——Impressions of Toronto mayoral candidate Heather He (He Xiangyun):


I have known Toronto mayoral candidate Heather He (He Xiangyun) for many years. In my life, she is like a teacher and a sister. There is a kind of energy in Heather, which is the kind of positive energy that people will be infected quickly. Be optimistic and inspiring! She is the chairman of the Canadian Love Alliance, the chairman of the Huafengyun Art Troupe, the founder of the Canadian Maple Leaf Forum, and the president of Re/Max Hyde Real Estate. She is able to operate in a group with ease. She knows how to recognize and employ people. The various departments cooperate with each other. Everyone has different personalities but is willing to unite closely around her, because Heather and He Xiangyun have a strong cohesive force. We have benefited a lot from being with her like a spring breeze. She treats the operation team like a family member. Everyone is happy to work hard with her. Heather He is very enthusiastic about public welfare, but she is quite low-key and never shows off. While engaging in real estate investment business, he has a strong sense of responsibility and mission to the society. Since she immigrated to Toronto, she has lived in Toronto and never left. She found that many elderly people in Toronto are very lonely, their children do not receive comprehensive care, caring people do not get what they deserve, many families find it difficult to find suitable housing, and road traffic brings various inconveniences to people traveling... They often respond and communicate with governments at all levels up to the Prime Minister, offering advice and suggestions like members of parliament, and seeking improvements. Her selfless devotion and silent devotion without seeking fame and fortune made me admire and admire her very much. I can feel her patience and love from the many social organizations she participated in the establishment and management of. The members of the Hua Feng Yun Art Troupe range from over 90 years old to primary school students, and all of them show a lively and positive outlook. They performed for nursing homes and organized various activities, including online activities during the epidemic, which have made great contributions to the physical and mental health of middle-aged and elderly people. The old and the old and the old, the young and the young and the young, the years are like a day, full of love, you can see her very tender side. The Canadian Maple Leaf Forum founded by Heather He, as an offline forum, provides all-round guidance for new and old immigrant friends who come to Canada, from life to entrepreneurship, and helps many immigrants feel the help and guidance of someone in a foreign country. Warm and encouraging. And it is very powerful to help entrepreneurs promote Canadian brands. Make the Canadian Maple Leaf Forum a platform for brand promotion. Keen-eyed and tenacious, Heather He is always willing to give 100% effort to the cause she believes in. The Hyde Real Estate Company under Re/Max, the world's No. 1 real estate brand she founded, has a unique real estate negotiation system and customer service system and The cross-company and cross-ethnic brokerage cooperation system has greatly promoted the sound development of the real estate market. I'm also Heather He's real estate client ​ ____________________________________________________


Toronto Mayoral Campaign Series: He Xiangyun, a candidate for mayor of Toronto who is low-key and high-profile


Since the resignation of Toronto Mayor John Tory, the Toronto City Government has decided to start accepting applications for new mayoral candidates on April 3. As of May 12, 102 candidates have signed up for mayor, including 8 Chinese. Among the 102 candidates, how to get the votes of the citizens and how to stand out is the assessment of each candidate in all aspects to see if they can give satisfactory answers to the citizens. The reporter interviewed Heather He He Xiangyun, one of the candidates. The first impression she gives is that she is capable and her delicate face is full of smiles. She briefly introduced herself to the reporter. She is from Hunan Province, China. I also set up a language training school. After immigrating to Canada, I improved my English level, worked in different jobs, and accumulated a lot of experience. I have been engaged in the real estate industry for many years. I have been familiar with the community, deepened the community, and served Community. Established the Love Alliance in 2010, and later established the Huafengyun Art Troupe with artists. At present, there are more than 200 members of different music and dance lovers, the oldest is 83 years old, and the youngest is 50 years old. This year, Huafengyun Art Troupe received Invited by the Dominican Republic to perform two performances in Dominica. It is also the first art troupe in the Chinese community to go abroad. At the same time, Heather He also founded the Canadian Maple Leaf Forum. The major offline forums and clubs support and cooperate with each other to truly realize Achieve cross-border integration compatibility and win-win. The Canada Maple Leaf Forum offline provides a platform for cooperation and development for entrepreneurs, allowing Canadian brands to enter the community, go out of Canada, and go to the world. Heather He has played a central role. She is especially good at teamwork, reaching consensus with people with different opinions and developing together. The reporter interviewed Heather He about her political platform. The following is the content of the interview: Reporter: "Why is the land tax frozen? The citizens are dissatisfied with the high land tax, but the land tax is the government's revenue. If the land tax is frozen, will it affect the government's services to the citizens?" Heather He: "If I am elected mayor, I will freeze the land tax. The purpose is to eliminate waste, increase income and reduce expenditure. Only by freezing the land tax can the burden of residents be reduced. The money will be taken from the people and used for the people. First of all, I will increase the number of toilets in the park. , children's play facilities, build different themes in the park, increase tourist attractions, and attract more people including tourists. The Ontario government once had the idea of reducing green belts and building apartment buildings. I am against it. Apartment buildings need to be built. , but the green belt must not be reduced. Many ground parking lots can be changed into underground parking lots, and houses can be built in the parking lots. At the same time, in order not to damage the environment, subways can be built to reduce traffic congestion. Then there is the maintenance of the road. Now there are many potholes on the road surface. Residents complain that the road maintenance is not good, and the speed is very slow. I will change it to 17-21 o’clock for road maintenance work hours, and at the same time advocate weekend work to ease the road. congestion and maintenance work. " Reporter: "Providing free lunches for elementary and middle school students, if implemented, do you think it is feasible, and can it really be solved?" Heather He: "I proposed the free lunch in 2009 when my child was in elementary school, and contacted the councilors to discuss ideas. I have researched the free lunch for a long time. Young parents solve their worries and also think about the health of their children. The children bring the food prepared by their parents every morning when they go to school. In summer, the food is easy to deteriorate. In winter, the food will gradually become cold. For the safety of the children, the school, There will be no microwave ovens, ovens and other equipment for children to use. Children don’t like to eat cold food, and spoiled food can easily cause children to have diarrhea. These are things that parents can’t solve. What can be done to solve them? Free lunches for elementary school students have been realized. Why can’t developed Canada do this? Many people will say how to solve the problem of food safety in Toronto? In fact, if we really want to solve it, it is not impossible, but the government needs to make up our minds to do it , I believe that according to my plan, it will definitely be resolved. This will reduce the worries of parents and increase employment opportunities. Why not do things that are beneficial to Toronto residents? I am a mother of children, and I understand the importance of a healthy lunch. Although My children have grown up, but I am still willing to do some practical things for parents, so that they can do their jobs with peace of mind, so that they can use their talents to make better benefits for the society." the Reporter: "Where did the idea of providing day care services for the elderly come from? Heather He: "In the beginning of providing day care services for the elderly, I saw that many elderly people were lonely, had no friends, their health was deteriorating day by day, and their children were worried and helpless. , if more day care service centers for the elderly are built in the community, the elderly will be sent to the day care center in the morning, and their children can go to work with peace of mind. The elderly in the day care center can chat, play cards together, do some aerobics together, and go to the park together Take a walk, etc., and go back to your own home at night. This can solve the loneliness problem of the elderly. The mental health of the elderly is taken care of, and the mood is good. Naturally, the body is not prone to problems. After all, the elderly have worked hard all their lives. Not only that, Heather He also put forward a series of ideas for the care of the elderly, which are highly operable. Reporter: "In the political platform, there are measures to strengthen law and order, resettle the homeless, and simplify disputes between landlords and tenants. How can the citizens be satisfied?" Heather He: "Strengthening law and order is a cliché, but we have to talk about it. If I am elected mayor, I will increase the number of police officers and train some community devotees to help everyone solve law and order problems. Some of them are homeless. Those with mental problems should be sent to the hospital after being evaluated by a special person, so as not to cause harm to the citizens. Try to resettle other homeless people so that they have a certain residence, and cooperate with enterprises to help them solve their employment problems. To simplify disputes between landlords and tenants, the purpose is to reject rent bullying and care for tenants. You can give renters a credit rating for renting a house. Their credit score is high, and they can get certain discounts when they buy a house in the future. At the same time, when they rent a house again, the landlord can rent to them with confidence after seeing their credit score. Disputes also bring harmony and civilization to the community. " After listening to Heather He's political platform, I hope she can be elected. She doesn't have gorgeous words, but her simple thoughts are very down-to-earth. She is not a politician. She comes from the community and really understands the needs of the people. I believe she will successfully run for mayor of Toronto , will give Toronto residents a better living environment, Better Toronto! Please vote for Heather He! ​ ​ ​


Why No. 52 Toronto Mayor Candidate Heather He Will Win.


I've known Heather He for years, and according to my analysis, here are the 52 categories of voters who will vote for the #52 candidate for mayor of Toronto:


1. Voters who want more security will vote for #52 Heather He.

2. People who want to go out and stay at home will vote for #52 Heather He.

3. Voters who agree with Heather He's two-tier security system will vote for #52 Heather He;

4. Voters who want Toronto parks to have more public facilities will vote for #52 Heather He.

5. Anyone with an elderly person will vote for #52 Heather He.

6. Voters who want daycare for the elderly vote #52 Heather He;

7. Old people who want free rides will vote for #52 Heather He.

8. Voters who want a quick access to senior housing will vote for #52 Heather He;

9. Those who agree with the Bank of Love so that love can be accumulated and passed on will vote for #52 Heather He

10. Those who want to be supported in their old age and help with poverty will vote for #52 Heather He;

11. People who have primary and secondary school students will vote for #52 Heather He.

12. People who want to save the time and cost of preparing lunch for their children vote for Heather He.

13. People who want their children to grow up healthy will vote for Heather He.

14. People who want their kids to have free meals and share them with teachers will vote for #52 Heather He;

15. Those who want to freeze council tax and not increase it will vote for #52 Heather He;

16. Voters who want real improvements in transportation will vote for #52 Heather He;

17. Voters who want the Lawrence subway to run from east to west in Toronto will vote for #52 Heather He;

18. Voters who want the Beltway carpool line will vote for #52 Heather He;

19. Those who want smooth roads and don't want flat tires all the time will vote for #52 Heather He;

20. Single parent families who want a support system vote for #52 Heather He;

21. Voters who want to put an end to rent bullying will vote for #52 Heather He;

22. Voters who want justice will vote for #52 Heather He;

23. Homeless voters who want a home to go back to vote #52 Heather He;

24. Entrepreneurs who want to be respected vote for #52 Heather He;

25. Voters who want to make government more efficient vote for #52 Heather He;

26. Those who want to keep the city clean will vote for #52 Heather He;

27. Anyone who wants a first-time home buyer credit will vote #52 Heather He;

28, People who want more jobs will vote for #52 Heather He;

29. Voters who want their city government to spend more money voted for #52 Heather He;

30. Voters who want a mayor who is an expert negotiator and can persuade the province to give Toronto more money will vote for #52 Heather He;

31. Voters who want a mayor with the ability to communicate and coordinate will vote for #52 Heather He;

32. Voters who want a mayor who can attract business will vote for #52 Heather He;

33. Voters who want a mayor who can tell the truth will choose #52 Heather He;

34. Voters who want a mayor from the community who knows the community will vote for #52 Heather He;

35. Those who support technology will vote for #52 Heather He.

36. Voters who support boosting the education industry will vote for #52 Heather He;

37. Voters who want to retain and attract good teachers will vote for #52 Heather He;

38. Anyone who wants Toronto to become a college town will vote for #52 Heather He

39. Voters who want their children to reject inappropriate sex education will vote for #52 Heather He;

40. Voters who want to focus on mental illness, will vote for #52 Heather He;

41. Voters who want respect for parents' right to guide their children will vote for #52 Heather He;

42. Those who want a Toronto community that is diverse, fair and inclusive will vote #52 Heather He;

43. Voters who want a mayor who is friendly to the people vote for #52 Heather He;

44. Those who want a man who actually does something for the people, not a show, will vote for #52 Heather He;

45. Voters who want a smart mayor who knows how to integrate across borders will vote for #52 Heather He;

46. Voters who want a respected mayor will vote for #52 Heather He,

47. Voters who want to live in Toronto without regret will vote for #52 Heather He;

48. Voters who want real change in Toronto will vote for #52 Heather He;

49. Voters who want Toronto to be the most livable city in the world vote for #52 Heather He;

50. Voters who want Toronto to be the world's top destination for immigrant travelers will vote #52 Heather He

51. Voters who want Toronto to be progressive, not regressive, will vote for #52 Heather He;

52, Anyone who wants a Better Toronto tomorrow will vote for #52 Heather He!

The hearts of the people for heaven, heaven and win!

You Vote for Her, She works for You!


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